BMW E30 3 Series

The E30 3 series was introduced at the end of 1982. It came available in 1983.
It was available as 316, 318i, 320i and 323i. The 320i and 323i where six cylinders
and had a check control and rev counter as standard. At the end of 1983 a 4 door
version came available. In 1985 some changes were made to the 3 series. First the
320i received a new engine that now had 129 HP. Then the 324d was introduced.
It was the first 3 series diesel ever. It had a six cylinder diesel engine with 86 HP.
Also new where the 325i, 325e, 325ix and 325i convertible. The 325i replaced the
323i and had 170 HP. The 325ix had four wheel drive and the 325i convertible was
the first convertible that was made made by BMW. All models received a very small
facelift. The front spoiler was changed. In 1987 the 324td was introduced. It had a
six cylinder diesel engine with turbo wich now had 115 HP. This was also the year
that the 3 series received a facelift. Black plastic bumpers replaced the chrome
ones and the rear lights where bigger now. The 318i received the new M40 four
cylinder engine. The 316 received the old 318i engine and now had 102 HP. In 1988
the 316i received another new engine. It now had a M40 engine wich had 100 HP.
Also available now was the new Touring. It was available as 320i, 325i, 325ix and
the 324td. In 1989 the 318is came available and the 318i was available as touring.
The 318is had a 16 valve engine that produced 136 HP. In 1991 the 316i touring
came available. This was also the year that the convertible received the same
facelift as the sedan had in 1987. There was also a 318i convertible introduced.
This was also the last year that the E30 sedan was available. The new 3 series
was allready available since the end of 1990 so the old E30 went out of production.
The Convertible was available until 1993 and the four cylinder tourings until 1994.