BMW E36 3 Series

The E36 3 series was introduced at the end of 1990. It was available as 4 door
sedan. There were four models available: 316i, 318i, 320i, and 325i. The six
cylinder models all had a new 24 valve engine from the E34 5 series. The four
cylinder models had the M40 engine from the E30 3 series. In 1991 the 325td came
available. It had a six cylinder diesel engine with 115 HP. In 1992 the new coupe
was introduced. It was available as 318is, 320i and 325i. The 318is had the same
16 valve engine as the E30 318is but now had 140 HP. In 1993 the 325tds and the
325i convertible came available. The 325tds was almost the same as the 325td but
now had an intercooler. The old M40 four cylinder engines were replaced with the
new M43 four cylinders. In 1994 the 318i and 320i convertible came available.
In that same year the new compact was introduced. First it was only available as
316i but a 318ti soon followed. The 328i replaced the 325i and a four cylinder diesel
was introduced: the 318tds. In 1995 the 318tds compact came available and the
grille received a small facelift. The 3 series touring was also introduced. It was
available as 318i, 320i, 328i, 318tds and 325tds. In 1996 the 323i came available.
It was available as sedan, coupe and touring. Also new was the 318is sedan. It had
a new 16 valve four cylinder with 140 HP. In 1997 the 323ti compact was available.
This little devil had a six cylinder with 170 HP. In 1998 the new 3 series was
introduced so the 3 series sedan went out of production. The coupe and touring
were available until 1999. The convertible went out of production in 2000, the
compact went out of production one year later, in 2001.