BMW E12 5 Series

The E12 5 series was introduced in 1972. It was available as 4 door sedan.
There were two models available: the 520 and 520i. Both models had a M10 four
cylinder engine. The 520 had 115 HP and the 520i 130 HP. In 1973 the 525 came
available. It had a six cylinder engine with 145 HP. A year later the 518 was
introduced. This model had a four cylinder with just 90 HP. In that same year the
530i came available. It had a six cylinder engine. In 1975 a 528 six cylinder came
available. It had 165 HP. In 1976 the 5 series received a small facelift. The grille
now looked the same as the one on the E21 3 series and the rear lights where
bigger now. The 520 and 520i four cylinder where replaced by a 520i six cylinder
wich had 122 HP. The 528 was replaced with a 528i wich had electronic fuel
injection and 184 HP. The 530i went out of production. In 1981 a new 5 series
was introduced and the old E12 went out of production.