BMW E28 5 Series

The E28 5 series was introduced in 1981. It was available as 4 door sedan.
There were four models available: 518, 520i, 525i and 528i. All models received
a better brake system from the E23 7 series and a service indicator. The 525i and
528i also received a check control and a double exhaust. In 1983 BMW introduced
their first diesel ever: the 524td. It had a six cylinder diesel engine with 115 HP.
In that same year a 525e was also introduced. In 1984 the 518 also received fuel
injection and now had 105 HP. In 1985 the 520i received a new engine wich now
had 129 HP. In 1986 a 524 d came available. It had a six cylinder diesel engine but
no turbo so it now had 86 HP. In 1988 the new 5 series came available so the old
E28 went out of production that same year.