BMW E23 7 Series

The E23 7 series was introduced in 1977. It was available as 4 door sedan.
There were three models available wich all had the M30 six cylinder engine.
These were the 728, 730 and 733i. The 728 had 170 HP and the 730 184 HP.
The 733i with fuel injection had 197 HP. All models received check control.
In 1979 the 728 was replaced with a 728i with fuel injection and 184 HP.
A 732i with 197 HP replaced the 730 and the 735i replaced the 733i.
In 1983 BMW introduced the 745i with 252 HP and a top speed of 225 km/h.
All models received a small face lift wich included new black plastic mirrors.
The three speed automatic transmission was replaced by a four speed and
all models received a service indicator and an ABS brake system as standard.
In 1986 BMW introduced a new 7 series so the E23 went out of production.