BMW E38 7 Series

In 1994, BMW introduced the E38 7 series. There were two different engines sizes
available, the 730i (218 HP) and 740i (286 HP), both with V8. A few months later,
a 12 cylinder (326 HP) 750i and 750iL came available. The 6 cylinder did not arrive
before 1998 as 728i / 728iL, with 193 HP. At the same time, the 730i was replaced
with a 735i / 735iL (235 HP) and the 740i / 740iL received a new engine. The 725tds
diesel (6 cylinder, 143 HP) came available in 1997, followed with a 730d (184 HP) in
1998. In 1999, the 7 series received a small facelift: the headlights and rear lights
were changed, and there were some minor changes in the interior. A 740d diesel
was now also available, with V8 engine and 245 HP. The last E38 7 series was
produced in 2001, to make room for the all new E65 7 series ...