BMW E65 7 Series

The BMW E65 7 series was introduced in 2001 and is available as 735i or 745i.
Both have the new 8 cylinder valvetronic engine which are good for 272 HP for
the 735i and 333 HP for the 745i! Both cars also feature iDrive, a new system,
which allows you to control all car functions with a click on a large, round
button, located on the front armrest. The design of the car is totally new and
never seen before on any other BMW! The trunk seems to be on top of the rear,
while the front looks much small thanks to the headlights with the "eyebrows".
The dashboard is also something unique, of course because of iDrive but also
because it is clean, not hundreds of buttons all over the dashboard but a simple
computer screen with all functions integrated. This means only the airconditioning
buttons can be found in the center console, all others moved to the iDrive system!
In 2002, the 730d and 740d came available, and in 2003 the 730i/Li and the
12 cylinder 760i/Li. Maybe the car was bit too radical because in 2005, a small
facelift was made. The front and rear changed, while the interior was kept as it
was. Besides the facelift, almost all engines where new or changed, only the 12
cylinder was left as it was ...