The BMW Z Series

The first Z series was the E30 Z1.It was introduced in 1987 and had the engine
from the E30 325i. The Z1 went out of production in 1992. The next Z series was
the Z3 wich was introduced in 1995. First it was only available as 1.8 but in 1996
the 1.9 came available. In 1997 the 2.8 was introduced. It had a six cylinder
engine with 193 HP. In 1998 a new Z3 coupe was introduced. This model is only
available with the 2.8 six cylinder. In 1999 the Z series received a facelift and
the 2.0 six cylinder replaced the 1.9 four cylinder. This was the same year that
the Z8 was introduced. This new model has an eight cylinder engine with 400 HP.
In 2002 came the big surprise: The all new Z4 ....