BMW Movie Stars

Below you will find a list of BMW cars that can be seen in movies.
Please mail the webmaster if you saw a BMW in a movie!

Model: Color: Movie:
501 - Hannibal Rising
503 Convertible Dark Grey The Last Run
507 Convertible - Fantomas
Isetta - Addams Family
Isetta - Funny Face
Isetta Red Problem Child 2
2000 - Instant Justice
2000 CS Orange Le Cerveau
2002 Malaga Backdraft
2002 Blue Joe Dirt
2002 Silver Mannen på taket
2002 - Multiplicity
2002 Green PCU
2002 - Perfect
2002 White Rush Hour
2002 Brown The China Syndrome
2002 Beige The Lonely Hearts Club
2002 - Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory
2002tii Red Autobahnraser
2002 Touring - L'emmerdeur
2002 Baur Convertible Yellow Assignment Munich
E3 saloon Brown Cry Freedom
E3 saloon White Inspecteur la bavure
E3 saloon - Sweeney 2
E9 2800 CS Green Tattoo
E9 3.0 CS Silver When a Man Loves a Woman
E21 320i White Cop and a Half
E21 320i - Halloween
E21 320i - The In-Laws
E21 323i Red Shooters
E21 3 Series - Cat's Eye
E21 3 Series - Run Lola, run
E21 3 Series Silver Sneakers
E30 318i Gray Agnes of god
E30 318i - She's Having a Baby
E30 323i - La Haine
E30 325i White Can't Buy Me Love
E30 325i White Days of Thunder
E30 325i - Defending Your Life
E30 325i White Godzilla
E30 325e Silver Arthur 2: On the rocks
E30 325e Silver Pretty in Pink
E30 325i Convertible - Beaches
E30 325i Convertible Blue Bird on a Wire
E30 325i Convertible Red Blood and Wine
E30 325i Convertible Silver Metallic Buffy the Vampire Slayer
E30 325i Convertible Red Captan Ron
E30 325i Convertible Red Fletch Lives
E30 325i Convertible - Pretty Woman
E30 325i Convertible - Prizzi's Honor
E30 325i Convertible Bronze The Beverly Hillbillies
E30 325i Convertible Green The Birdcage
E30 325i Convertible - Wall Street
E30 325i Convertible - Wings of Desire
E30 3 series - American History X
E30 3 series Dark Grey Fun with Dick and Jane
E30 3 series - Heat
E30 3 series Silver Menace II Society
E30 3 series Red Old School
E30 3 series - Patriot Games
E30 3 series White Shaft
E30 3 series - Training Day
E30 3 series - Vanilla Sky
E30 3 series - Zoolander
E30 3 series convertible Red Paid In Full
E30 3 series convertible Black Paid In Full
E36 318ti Compact Black Hitch
E36 318ti Compact - The Bourne Supremacy
E36 318i - Mission: Impossible
E36 325i Coupe Red The Chase
E36 325i Convertible Red 2 Days in the Valley
E36 325i Convertible White The Bird Cage
E36 325i Convertible Red Clueless
E36 325i Convertible - My Best Friends Wedding
E36 325i Convertible Black Species
E36 328i Black I Know What You Did Last Summer
E36 328i coupe Red Shoot 'Em Up
E36 328i Convertible Black Beverly Hills Ninja
E36 328i Convertible Red Interstate 60
E36 3 Series White Adrenaline
E36 3 Series - Friday After Next
E36 3 Series - Joe Somebody
E36 3 Series Black Next Friday
E36 3 Series Black Ronin
E36 3 Series Black The Nurse
E36 3 Series coupe Black Shaft
E36 3 Series Convertible White American Beauty
E36 3 Series Convertible Black Beverly Hills Ninja
E36 3 Series Convertible Black Flubber
E36 3 Series Convertible - Get Shorty
E36 3 Series Convertible Blue I Spy
E36 3 Series Convertible Black My best friends wedding
E36 3 Series Convertible red The Skulls
E46 323Ci Convertible Black Ticker
E46 330Ci Convertible Black Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
E46 330Ci Convertible Red White Chicks
E46 3 Series Black The Bourne Identity
E46 3 Series Silver The Bourne Identity
E46 3 Series Gold Finding Forester
E46 3 Series silver Joe Somebody
E46 3 Series Black Scary Movie
E46 3 Series Black The Rules of Attraction
E12 528i - Les Compères
E12 528i - Witches Brew
E12 5 series - Phenomenon
E12 5 series - The Nutty Professor
E28 518 - Octopussy
E28 535i Silver Splash
E28 535i Blue The Survivors
E28 5 Series Bronze Bourne Supremacy
E28 5 Series - Bruce Almighty
E28 5 Series Silver Home Invasion
E28 5 Series - Jurassic Park Lost World
E28 5 Series Silver Kiss of Death
E28 5 Series Beige Mothman Prophecies
E28 5 Series - Ronin
E28 5 Series Brown Snatch
E28 5 Series Black The Peacemaker
E34 525i Black Leaving Las Vegas
E34 525i Dark Green The Net
E34 5 Series Black But I am a Cheerleader
E34 5 Series Silver Home Invasion
E34 5 Series - Jersey Girl
E34 5 Series Red My Date With THe President's Daughter
E34 5 Series Black Scream 2
E34 5 Series Black The Bourne Identity
E34 5 Series Touring Black The Game
E39 540i Blue Die Purpurnen Flüsse
E39 540i Blue Gone in 60 Seconds
E39 5 Series Silver Fun with Dick and Jane
E39 5 Series Blue Joe Somebody
E39 5 Series Police The Da Vinci Code
E39 5 Series - The Crimson Rivers
E60 545i - Bridget Jones' Diary
E60 5 series Silver Die Hard 4
E24 633CSi Red Fracture
E24 633CSi blue Innerspace
E24 633 CSi Red Lethal Weapon II
E24 635 CSi White Flodder
E24 635 CSi - Hollow Man
E24 635 CSi Red Madhouse
E24 635 CSi White Moonlightning
E24 635 CSi Beige Mystic Pizza
E24 635 CSi - The Breakfast Club
E24 635 CSi - The prodigious chip
E24 635 CSi Convertible Black Back to the future 2
E24 6 series - Boxing Helena
E24 6 series - San Antonio
E23 730 Blue Le Transporteur
E23 733i Blue Back to the Future 1
E23 733i Blue Back to the Future 3
E23 733i Black Nothing but Trouble
E23 733i Brown Reality Bites
E23 733i White The Rookie
E23 745i Blue Marked For Death
E23 7 Series Dark Green Flodder
E23 7 Series Red Madhouse
E23 7 Series Dark Grey Poltergeist 3
E23 7 Series - Taxi 3
E23 7 Series Silver The Bourne Identity
E32 735i Silver Grosse Pointe Blank
E32 735i Blue Twins
E32 740i - My Life
E32 750i Silver In Too Deep
E32 750i - The Cowboy Way
E32 750iL - Kuffs
E32 750iL - The Fugitive
E32 750iL White The Last Boy Scout
E32 7 Series Black Blade: Trinity
E32 7 Series Silver Kiss of Death
E32 7 Series - Matrix Reloaded
E32 7 Series Black Speedzone
E32 7 Series - Submerged
E38 735i - Les anges gardiens
E38 735i Black The Transporter
E38 740i Black Enemy of the state
E38 740i - The Game
E38 740iL - A Night At The Roxbury
E38 740iL Silver Joe Somebody
E38 740iL Silver Shoot 'Em Up
E38 740iL Silver The Day After Tomorrow
E38 750iL - Bumer
E38 750iL Silver Tommorow Never Dies
E38 7 Series - Bad Santa
E38 7 Series - Fun with Dick and Jane
E38 7 Series Black Hell's Kitchen
E38 7 Series Black Mind Prey
E38 7 Series - Mission Impossible III
E65 745i Silver Red Eye
E65 745i Blue The Bourne Supremacy
E65 745i Blue The Haunted Mansion
E65 745i Black The Prince & Me
E65 760Li Red Taxi
E65 7 series - Silent Hill
E31 840 Ci - Chauffeur de maître
E31 840 Ci - Italian Job
E31 840 Ci - The Informant
E31 840 Ci Black The score
E31 850i Red Bound
E31 850i Green Excess Baggage
E31 850i Red Death Becomes Her
E31 850i - Glengarry Glenross
E31 850i - Showdown in Little Tokio
E31 850 Ci Silver The Juror
E31 850 CSi - Les visiteurs 2
E31 8 Series - Casino
E31 8 Series Black Heat
E31 8 Series Black Logan's War
E30 M3 Red Eyes Wide Shut
E30 M3 White Paid In Full
E30 M3 White Taxi III
E30 M3 Black The Last Run
E30 M3 - Wings of Desire
E36 M3 Silver 13 Conversations about nothing
E36 M3 Gray Spiderman II
E46 M3 - 2 Fast 2 Furious
E46 M3 Yellow Metallic Autobahnraser
E46 M3 Silver Blade Trinity
E46 M3 Silver Taxi
E46 M3 Yellow The Prince & Me
E28 M5 - Wings of Desire
E34 M5 Black Ronin
E39 M5 Black Mr and Ms Smith
E39 M5 Silver Star
E24 M6 Red Lethal Weapon 2
E24 M6 - Pony Express
M Coupe Blue Armageddon
X5 Black Bumer 2
X5 Black Everwood
X5 Silver Metallic Sever vs. Ecks
Z1 Blue Operation Condor
Z3 Blue Goldeneye
Z3 - Joy Ride
Z3 Red Relax, It's Just Sex
Z3 Blue She's all that
Z3 Blue Scream 3
Z3 Blue The Skulls
Z4 - Hostage
Z4 - Paycheck
Z4 - Stormbreaker
Z4 - The Girl Next Door
Z4 - The Island
Z8 Silver Mission: Impossible 2
Z8 Silver The Tuxedo
Z8 Silver The world is not enough