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How to contact BMW Information ...

You can always send me an email if you have questions, updates or any other
information about BMW. But before you send me an email, please remember
BMW Information is a private site and has no connections with BMW AG or a
BMW dealer. I am also one person, I don't have a whole team or sponsors behind
me ... this site is made, maintained and paid by me, and will be updated when
I have new information or have time to make an update as I also have a private
life ... you can email BMW Information at


Since this website started in 1999, i have had a lot of offers to sell the domain, as well as offers for advertising. This website has allways been
add-free as i hated adds on other websites so i decided against that … and i was
not willing to sell either as this was my project. I had several older BMW’s, was a
member of BMW clubs, active on BMW forums and a regular visitor at meetings.
I liked working on the website, even though i had no knowledge of building
websites. The website became a succes fast receiving mails daily with questions,
updates, people sending pictures of their cars etc. etc.

The last years i have not been able to update, add new pictures or upgrade the
website with features like blogs, forums or other things that make current websites
a real community it deserves. With the right people and knowledge i think this
website can grow into something big again, providing everything a BMW fan needs,
exactly why i started this website 16 years ago …

This website (domain name and contents, if desired) might be for sale … make me
an offer (in Euro) at … it will go if i feel the offer is right!
The domain name is strong, i think a new owner could make a good profit if adds
are used, although i never explored this option. The transaction will take place
under care of domain name broker Sedo, making it safe for both buyer and seller.